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A Synopisis:

Your employee is pregnant (or their partner is) and they are preparing to take parental leave. There is excitement, anticipation, and planning in the workplace for their upcoming time off. Then the unthinkable hits. Their baby dies. 

As the employer, what do you do now? What do you say? Are you prepared to step in and hold this delicate space for your employee and surrounding staff? Do you have clear policies in place to protect your employees and your business?

Unfortunately, being unprepared can lead to significant economic and emotional strain for your business. And so came the idea to ease this problem: A step-by-step training program - 


The Baby Loss Project

In a nutshell: This is an online training program that upskills employers to respond proactively to pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant death (all encompassed as ‘baby loss’). Think of it as a smart and simple protective blanket for your business and your employees.

Made up of 6 video modules with downloadable guides and further reading; it starts with a ‘how-to’ guide on crafting your own HR policy for baby loss in the workplace, with recommendations from the Australian Federal Government Senate Inquiry into Stillbirth (2018).

It also gives guidance on how to respond in the immediate instance of baby loss, right through the first year, as you support your employee to successfully return to the workforce.


Be an Employer of Choice:

A PWC study into the Economic Impact of Stillbirth in Australia (Stillbirth Foundation Australia, September 2016 - 'The Economic Impacts of Stillbirth in Australia' - A study conducted by PWC), found that: Absenteeism from stillbirth will cost $129.4 m in the 2016-2020 period. With presenteeism costing $149 m. And loss of productivity from stillbirth, resulting in exiting the workforce estimated at $70.6 m.
Don't fall into these statistics! The best case scenario is that you are fully prepared, and never have to put this policy into practise. That you are a leader, and Employer of Choice for Families. That you are known for cultivating a well considered workplace.
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