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A Synopisis:

Your employee is pregnant (or their partner is) and they are preparing to take parental leave. There is excitement, anticipation, and planning in the workplace for their upcoming time off. Then the unthinkable hits. Their baby dies.  

As an employer, how do you handle baby loss in your workplace? Do you feel comfortable supporting a woman whose baby just died? And what about the father or non-pregnant partner? How do you support them? Do you have a clear HR Policy for baby loss that will help you navigate the practicalities for your employee and your business? 

Baby loss is far more common than people think. Every day in Australia, 6 babies are stillborn and 2 babies die within their first 28 days of life. That's 8 babies every single day. Added to this, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. 

Yes, baby loss is personal, but it's an outdated rhetoric that employees should ‘leave their personal lives at home’. The mental health and wellbeing of your employees is paramount to the culture and success of your business. Including financial success. 

A PWC study into the Economic Impact of Stillbirth in Australia found in the 2016-2020 period, stillbirth would cost businesses an estimated: 

  • $129.4 million - in absenteeism
  • $149 million - in presenteeism
  • $70.6 million - staff resignation/replacement 

It doesn't have to be this way. You can minimise financial and emotional strain on your business by being proactive in the baby loss space - and a leading organisation in social change.  

How? Upskill in providing grief support for employees who experience baby loss, and the development of inclusive HR Policy for bereaved/grieving parents. This has been made easy with The Baby Loss Project:

BabyLossProject Logo Black An online professional development training that upskills employers to respond proactively to pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant death (‘baby loss’). Think of it as a smart and simple investment in your business and your employees.

What’s included in the training?

  • 6 video modules - approximately 30 minutes each
  • Additional reading, written guides, and research articles
  • Facilitated by Ann-Maree Imrie - Social Worker and Founder of The Baby Loss Project
  • You will also learn from experts in- HR/people management, baby loss, research, health, including Aboriginal health and wellbeing, and stories/advice from bereaved parents in the workplace 
  • See here for list of experts

What will you learn?

You will learn how to craft your own inclusive HR policy for baby loss in the workplace, with recommendations from the Australian Senate Inquiry into Stillbirth (2018). But what is the value of a great policy if you don't know how to have the hard conversations surrounding it? 

This is a learned skill! You will receive basic grief education that will equip you to respond in the immediate instance of baby loss, right through the first year, as you support your employee to successfully return to the workforce. You will also get specific guidance around the importance of providing culturally safe grief support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members.

Click here for full course outline 

How would it feel t0:

- Have a good understanding of grief surrounding baby loss
- Have the skills to manage hard conversations around it
- Be able to offer your staff inclusive HR policy as recommended by Senate Inquiry into Stillbirth
- Work with productive staff/colleagues who feel valued and supported
- Be a leading organisation in social change
If you want these things, then The Baby Loss Project is for you. 

Who is this training for?

Package 1
  • For Executives, and Managers in HR, People and Culture, Staff Wellbeing

Package 2
  • For Direct line managers, Team Leaders, People managers

Package 3
  • For any employee to upskill on grief surrounding baby loss 

Compare Packages

Modules Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Introduction to The Baby Loss Project
Module 1 - Real life stories from all sides
Module 2 - HR Policy creation for baby loss
Module 3 - Emotional first aid: Immediate actions for baby loss
Module 4 - Return to work: Flexible planning in consultation with your staff member
Module 5 - Grief in the workplace: Supportive strategies for productivity
Module 6 - Sorry Business

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