Welcome to my video series. I created these videos to break down the mix of emotions surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. My purpose is to generate discussion around life after loss, and the path towards healing. It's about being a voice for my baby, who never got to have one. And a voice for all the families who experience pregnancy and infant loss.
With Compassion and Love,
Ann-Maree Imrie x   
  • How to hold a grieving heart

    After my first son was stillborn, I learned a whole lot more about grief than I had in my training as a Social Worker. This video is about sharing how others can step into a space of discomfort to support a grieving person. I hope it finds its way to all who are searching for it.

  • Grief is a giant shit-storm! My professional AND personal opinion!

    "When your baby dies, the trapdoor opens, and you fall". Grief feels so much like falling, falling, falling, until you hit the rock hard ground. But hitting that ground is necessary. Because it's from here that we rise again x 
  • "GET OVER IT!"...The Bloke in the Bottle Shop

    I truly thought this comment was a baby-loss urban legend! Until it was recently said to me....
  • The Truth Behind the Lies

    Pregnancy and infant loss shatters people's hearts, but we often feel obliged to tell people we are 'fine'. This video gives some insight into the truth behind the 'polite lies' that bereaved parents tell...particularly in the early days of raw, unrelenting grief.
  • A Mother's Day Message

    A message from one bereaved mama to another to remind you how strong you are. And that your strength is something to be celebrated - not denied!

  • A beautiful realisation about my baby

    After our babies have died, our connection with them continues in many ways, but recently I realised a whole new way that I've been connecting with my baby all along!

  • The most important thing you can do for a bereaved parent!

    People feel too much pressure to say the 'right thing' to a bereaved parent. Try this simple, yet highly effective thing instead.

  • The 'loss of self' in baby loss - Its a real thing!

    There's nothing wrong with you! Research shows that women experience a significant drop in self-esteem after the loss of their baby. https://www.researchgate.net/publicat... Its important to talk about this so we don't feel so isolated and alone. I also share some of my experience in shattered self-esteem and some small tips around how I slowly re-built it!

  • Introducing my first son, Xavier!

    Often as bereaved parents, we are robbed of the opportunity to share the story of our baby's arrival into the world. Instead of 'love', people think 'death' and assume you don't want to talk about your baby. This may be true for some parents. But not for me. In this video, I introduce you properly to my first born son, Xavier.

  • Talking TABOO of baby loss

    TALKING TABOO! Australian study shows that the general public views it 'inappropriate' for bereaved parents to share memories of their stillborn baby more than one year post-bereavement. THIS MUST CHANGE! https://www.researchgate.net/publicat... Memory sharing is a huge part of grieving and the healing process. What has your experience been? What are some of the most outrageous misconceptions you've faced after the loss of your baby? Come join in the conversation, and lets smash the taboo!!

  • My Baby's Voice - The Intro

    Welcome to 'My Baby's Voice'. This is a channel dedicated to being a VOICE for my baby, and all the other babies, who never got to have one. In this first video I am sharing the story of my first son, Xavier, who was stillborn. And I'm sharing the reason why I want to be a voice for him going forward. I want this to be a collective conversation for bereaved parents; those supporting bereaved parents; and everyone else in the world! I'd love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and tune in on Tuesdays for a weekly video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsY...


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